Expect More from the Fayetteville Free

I am fortunate to spend a fair amount of time at the Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, NY. The library is home to the Fab Lab where folks can use a 3D printer. You can read about it in Chapter 4 of Expect More – Facilitating Knowledge Creation: Expect to Create

This past winter I did a staff development talk. I was in the midst of working on Expect More and used that as my theme. Sue Considine, the director, liked the theme and asked if the library could use it. “Sure” I said “all ideas are free!” And they ran with it.

Below are a series of videos the library has produced on Expecting More from the Library. Note how they put the community members at the center:

[excuse the personal interjection, but these videos were put together by Amy Melton, a former student and fantastic librarian]

The last one is just fun:

So what is your library doing to raise expectations and tell their story?

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